Exclusive – Dr Fedorenko & Anastasia Interview

During my stay at the A.A. Maximov I was fortunate enough to be able to ask Dr Fedorenko and Anastasia some questions on camera. Asking friends on the HSCT forums for questions they’d like me to put to them plus some of my own, which made for a fascinating interview. Naturally as a patient I had an idea of their refreshing way of working, but the answers they gave were a real eye opener to their beliefs.

Truly inspirational people.
…shame about the host.


11 thoughts on “Exclusive – Dr Fedorenko & Anastasia Interview


    Just watched your interview – love it – such dedicated people! Quite emotional at the end – don’t know how you kept the tears back! I didn’t know Anastasia had MS – what an amazing person! (hope I heard that right and they weren’t talking about a relative!) Great interview!

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    1. Thank you. They truly are beautiful people. Actually I did get a bit tearful thinking up what to say beforehand, but fortunately they held back in front of the camera. Yeah Anastasia makes a great story, she did indeed have MS and totally reversed. It explains why her care is so great.


  2. Helen

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I wish you speedy recovery !! And thank you for your enthusiasm 🙂 really bring us hope for a better future, i don’t have MS but my boyfriend does he was supposed to be treated with dr.Federenko same time you were there but everything work out with dr.Burt in Chicago which was closers to home. Keep us posted with your recovery I think it’s great way spreading awareness about this procedure world wide. Here in USA most doctors don’t even mention it about HSCT . I believe it’s not what the country can do for you ,but what you can do for the country/people.
    Thank you and best of luck to you and your family.
    P.s. I hope it’s OK if I can share your video on my FB that you made with dr.Federenko and Anastasia

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    1. Hey Helen, thank you so much.
      I’m so pleased to be able to share my experience, and I’m even more pleased to be able to report on it so positively. I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet your boyfriend – but totally understood, perhaps his cancelled stay, was my opening? I’m long overdue a video update on how I’m doing, it’s coming soon – promise. It does spread great awareness, but more importantly it shows the treatment does work – counter to what the Neuro’s say, spreading their igorant crap! (bad language, sorry) Absolutely please share anything I do, that’s what it’s there for. 🙂


  3. Enza Pavano

    Hi my name is Enza Pavano Iive in Melbourne Australia, I have had Ms most of my adult life(first attack when I was 21 diagnosed 31 I am now 54 last 2 years have seen a drastic change in my walking , need stick no balance dont walk far and I am also a robot (stiff) have just watch interview, I am absolutely 100% sure that there jis still hope for me ,before I get any worse.As here in Australia there so much red tape its not funny. Would appreciate how to start the process,Regards Enza


    1. Hey Enza, I’m so pleased that you’ve messaged. Absolutely there is still hope. HSCT is real and has definitely worked for me! Contact Anastasia in Russia, request treatment and get the ball rolling. http://msclerosis.ru/eng.php i recommend also using the worldwide HSCT group for more information.
      Where you’ll meet many other people in the same situation, as well as very many like myself who’ve had the treatment. Totally understand about the difficulties in getting the treatment, which is why we all go abroad. 🙂


      1. You’re very welcome. There is a wait, though I don’t believe it’s quite that long. The good thing about Russia though is that they do judge individual need and will take people sooner if required. Also tell them you’re available should a cancellation come up, that can help too. They’re about to open another department soon, doubling capacity, so any quoted times will probably shorten. The money is doable, I’m hoping to post an update soon how I raised the money if that helps. 🙂


      2. Joseph L

        Thanks once again. I’m going to try my best to get on the list. I spoke with a guy here in my town that’s going around Halloween. Hoping he has great results, I think he did some charity thing to get money. It wasn’t gofundme, it was something else that takes out less money for their services? Hope you have great success too, I think this is our only option and we need to get rid of it before the MS really impairs your quality of life. God bless, thanks again.

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