Exclusive – Pictures of Russia Expansion

Another Let’s Get Rid first! …sorry, I’m such a cheeky egotist. 😉
I just got very lucky, Dr Fedorenko wanted to show me the nearly completed 3rd Floor development to share on my blog.

Anastasia today announced the expansion of the Haematology department at the A.A. Maximov Hospital in Russia, boosting the capacity to welcome more international patients. Increasing from 8-10 patients to 15 by the end of 2016, with the aim to expand further to 21 by renovating floors 4 & 2 in 2017. (Speculated by the Doctor)

The expansion unfortunately will mean increasing the cost of treatment from $45k USD to $50k from August this year.

But when you see the new department you will understand. The new floor will have a dedicated transplant room, is spacious, bright and will be furnished with new equipment and electric beds. …I wish there were electric beds when I was there – comfortable Netflix viewing!

I found Floor 4 to be absolutely comfortable, but floor 3 will be a cut above. With of course floors 4 & 2 to follow soon.


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