The Fall Guy

It’s been amazing what people will do to help with the fundraising. Step forward good friend – Sam Thomson!

What does a man who hates flying, hates heights, want to do to raise cash? Hurl himself out of a plane naturally. This man is risking his life for my future, YES – risking his life! (That’s written for his benefit) …though we all know that skydiving is far safer than crossing a road. 😉 …but still, what an amazing gesture! Who know’s he might even gain a new hobby?

What his wife Gemma didn’t know was that I advertised that if he raises over £5,000, she’ll jump too. ‘Evil genius b*****ds’, I believe she called us when she found out (Mwahaha!!). Okay £5k is probably a tall target, but you if it happens – everyone’s a winner. Gemma too I’d like to think.

It’s difficult to put a figure out how much he’s raised so far, around £1,000 I think? What an amazing friend this fella is.

Thanks Sam! and good luck with the jump.


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