Day 7 – Everything’s in place.

So Jen went home last night, there was little point in her staying really, I’m just being dosed up with regular steroids, soon I’ll be on Chemo, then isolation when visiting should be avoided anyway. If Jen left to carry on things back at home, time would no doubt fly far quicker for her, it made sense. She’ll be back in no time for the last week.

Technical support

As the lift doors in front of Jen closed, I began to start feeling a little teary, I don’t normally but the thought of not seeing her for weeks whilst undergoing a major procedure did get to me a little. I soon got a little text saying that she got home okay, and that the cat’s sound like they’ve been looked after well. Soon after I get a little FaceTime call from Jen, she doesn’t normally like to do the face thing. But I thought awww nice, she wants to see my little face before bed! Silly me, the television was playing up and she needed to know what buttons to press, charming! Naturally we got BBC Casualty playing once she stopped pressing the buttons I told her not to. 😉 ‘Awww I am going to really miss you’. I know my place. 😉

Got woken up to a big smilie from Dr Fedorenko at 9.30am walking into my room. His sleeping tablets are just the best, I’ve been sleeping through everything and starting to wake feeling refreshed. Sleep like that I just don’t get anymore. Something I hope that will return post treatment. He reminds me of my day ahead receiving my Hickman Line/Neck/Catheter in the morning followed soon by another steroid drip. This time taking my new neck line for a spin.

Naturally the line wasn’t a part of the treatment I looked forward to, a long pipe placed down your jugular for some easy fluid movement. But if it saves multiple jabs, so be it. I’ve had a swab far up my nose – I can do this!!

Actually the placement wasn’t too bad at all, it was under local anaesthetic, I felt the old pinch, but little more and it was done in minutes. Followed by an x-ray to confirm the job was a good one.

I’ve sat with it all day, and it’s no more annoying than a slight crick in the neck. Less movement as expected, but you quickly get used to it. I’ll let you know how the sleeping goes.

And then last of all tonight, is the last of my G-CSF shots to get my stem cells moving, ready for their extraction tomorrow! The new neck line will really come into it’s own.

Exciting times. Can I get them all collected in one day?


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