I’m Alex – I hate Multiple Sclerosis


Hello I’m Alex Green, I live in Leatherhead, England and as the title suggests – I have Multiple Sclerosis – and hate how it’s ruining my life.

I’ve been planning to go and see Dr. Fedorenko in Moscow to receive pioneering HSCT stem cell treatment to combat/stop/cure this cruel condition. It will involve a sharp dose of chemotherapy to wipe out my immune system, which has been attacking my nervous system, stopping the nerves from functioning properly, causing me a whole host of physical problems. Then putting my own stem cells back in place to form a whole new immune system, one without the mindset to inflict unnecessary damage.

I used to play sports regularly, enjoy walks and general days out. Something largely taken away from me. I can’t run, now struggle to walk and a day out can often be more stress than it is fun. I believe that I’m a prime candidate for this treatment and I’m hopeful of making a good recovery. Hoping to walk properly and unaided again, lose the debilitating fatigue I suffer, and even kick a football again. That’s my dream. None of this is guaranteed, but possible.

Regularly check my blog to read the latest news and developments. I’ll be posting regular videos too. Beware I’ll be talking very frank. …but aim to entertain.

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