Expecting an email probably in the summer asking ‘how’s November for you?’, instead I got one from Russia on Monday asking ‘how’s April?’. That’s just nine weeks away!

Amazing, expecting another year of this Multiple Sclerosis condition of mine I’ve put up with for the last eight years. I’ve got weeks!

Crap, I’ve some serious fundraising to be doing! – What a fantastic problem to have. I have £45,000 to raise. That’s a lot of money – but it’s doable.

That was Monday. It’s now Saturday, this week so far has been AMAZING!! I can’t believe how lucky I am, I have so many fantastic friends & family, and have been truly humbled by their support. Even old work colleagues too have come up trumps.

This week has totally given me the belief this is going to happen. Nearly 20% raised online, one fundraising meal evening organised (80 tickets sold – sale began four hours ago), and will probably all be sold before this weekends out, I have a lot of family up in Liverpool – and they’re going to hold their own too (two events I might add), talk of a friend cycling 200 miles in a day and possibly another jumping out of a plane. Incredible!

I have been constantly gobsmacked this week, and massively humbled.

I’ve got so much organising and writing to do, though this week have spent every evening till late replying to so many fantastic messages and donations. Of course I’m not complaining, I’m just so pleased to have a fantastic wife in Jen to be able to rally around, make phone calls, organise auction prizes and selling meal tickets. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

So this is my first post of many. I hope to keep you posted with what’s happening, thought’s and how I’m getting on.

THANK YOU – to everyone who’s been so incredibly supportive so far, I certainly don’t feel alone in this. I’ve been buzzing all week – and we’ve only just begun!


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