There for the baking!

You know, I have so many good people in my life! Family and friends who have set up their own events, something fun, something to put on sale to help raise money towards my treatment. It’s incredible to know that people really will give up such time, effort and expense to make a difference for me.

There have been cake sales raised by Mary & Neil Furnice, my old work colleagues at DNX specifically Dom Young, Tim Wall and some busy baking by Josefine Austin. Cakes made by Jan Forest and her mother Teresa which we gave as prizes and auctioned off on our fundraising evening.

Helen Carpenter who creatively raised money at her place of work through an Easter Egg raffle.

My sister in-law Susie Smyth organising an international food and raffle night for her work colleagues at Impact Research, aided marvellously by her husband Rob.

And of course there’s our Sam Thompson who will be jumping out of a plane this Sunday.

Amazing, amazing people! Thank you all so much, as I said I’m so lucky to have you all in my lives. Such unbelievable effort by all – for me. Thank you x


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