Comfort Zoning In & Out

A tale of two fellas this weekend. One doing what he says he’s good at, the other doing what he hates. Both with the idea that these are the criteria for some good fundraising.

Firstly we have my mate Sam Thompson, who today jumped out of a plane at 15,000 feet. A man who hates flying, and the thought of jumping out of a plane, certainly wouldn’t be something Sam would choose to do. I’m in awe of Sam, the fact he would do that for me. A true mate. Raising some cracking funds too!

And then we have my good cousin Ian. A fella who admitted that the cardio stuff isn’t what he’s best at, instead choosing a sponsored SOMBFA (sitting on my big fat arse). A carefully selected Saturday, hogging the sofa, using social media to commentate on his day. You’ll be pleased to know that due to good planning, Ian took it at a steady pace, no injuries occurred and shall be returning to work on Monday.

Guys, you did this for me – big or small – it’s incredible and I’ll be forever grateful.



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