Leatherhead Man is Media Darling

Hardly. But the local press have been fantastic, though I’m not sure of the title I seem to have been given. ‘Leatherhead Man’.

Since receiving my invitation to Russia they’ve all been so interested in my story, local man with multiple sclerosis, incurable illness, fundraising for pioneering treatment abroad and possible ‘cure’, added with the hope to start a family.

They’ve helped to raise so much awareness locally, but most effectively, writing quality stories as well as a BBC Radio interview for sharing. There was only so much I could do myself, but my wife, friends and family have been incredible, sharing everything, everywhere possible. The numbers of shares have been well into the hundreds, resulting in thousands of viewers. An incredible social media campaign I couldn’t have done alone. I sometimes felt embarrassed at the thought of my face dominating peoples social timelines.

But it worked. Maybe foolishly, I said yes to Russia, suggesting I had the funds available too. But who’d have thought I could have raised the full £45,000 in seven weeks, leaving two to spare before the trip.

The monetary value in people’s generosity has been overwhelming, but the effort from everyone pulling together has been the most humbling. I couldn’t be more grateful.

It began with the Epsom & Leatherhead Guardian.
Read the story here

The following week in the Leatherhead and Dorking Advertiser.
Read the story here

Shortly followed by BBC Radio Surrey.

And then finishing with a front page story on the Surrey Advertiser.



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