Back In The USSR.

…Pretty fitting really, …very loosely. A little return trip to my hometown of Liverpool, for a family hosted fundraiser which completes my appeal, officially sending me to Moscow!


Amazing, I couldn’t be more grateful, couldn’t be more proud of everyone and I couldn’t be happier!

So on Friday we went up to Liverpool to see my family, who have been truly brilliant, wanting to get involved and to organise a fundraising evening of their own. Mixing it with a little bit of St Patrick’s night made for an incredible amount of fun, hosted by my cousin Brian. There was Cèilidh (Cay-lee) music, a bit of Rock from my cousin Nathan, a little karaoke, Irish bingo and a raffle.

Raising £2,135!!

Meeting many new faces, a bit of a catch up and a goodbye with family before my trip. Despite working till lunch, a 5 hour passenger ride, I broke through energy barrier to make sure I kept going till the end, and get around every table, …at least I hope I did.

Firstly I would like to thank Andrea, Brian, Gillian, Denis, Christine, Rebecca, Esther and absolutely my Aunty Terry for putting on an evening I will never forget. So much effort, made for so much fun. It meant so much to me – Thank you! xx

And to EVERYBODY! Those who have donated, given prizes, bought prizes, organised fundraisers, helped fundraisers, and to my wife Jen who has worked tirelessly to just keep things running smoothly. I am forever grateful, I owe you all so much. And just hope that all goes well in Moscow, to come back and show how I’m doing and hopeful recovery, to show you, with every unaided footstep, how much of a difference you’ve made to my life!

Less of the sitting around – I’m gonna rock the s**t out of tomorrow!!

Thank you xxxxxx



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