Day 2 – The Test Results

Arriving back to the hospital after being let out on bail for the evening (figuratively speaking of course, I’m actually loving the hospital stay). The good Doctor Fedorenko came to my room to meet my wife Jen and I to discuss the test results.

So the great news of course is that my heart is fine, lungs and general health is top notch. Bar a slightly higher cholesterol, but more exercise and the energy to cook better meals post-HSCT is all part of the plan anyway. My MRI scan did show that my rather aggressive MS is close to becoming Secondary Progressive, so I’m incredibly relieved to be nipping that one in the bud.

My Neurologist back home argued that I should wait for the UK to provide HSCT. But according to the NHS, ‘HSCT only works for RRMS’. Reasons to take control yourself! …but that’s a big conversation for another day.

Back on topic… So with a positive health check, Dr.F with a great big smile on his face and a hug, said that I’m good for the treatment. I couldn’t be happier. Naturally I asked where he thought my physical state could return to, where I was three years ago he replied. But with determination and good physio, potentially wherever I want to be, suggesting that healing is a lot to do with the mind. That’ll do for me!

Starting tomorrow (Friday) I will start receiving steroid infusions and stimulation injections to encourage the stem cells in my bone marrow to make their way into my blood stream. Round up the troops, kicking MS arse starts here!

I’m going to finish this post by thanking everyone for their support. Never before have I seen so many Facebook comments and likes to all that Jen and I post. They’re well into the hundreds! Honestly, being so far from home with support like that means the world to me. To the crowds at the HSCT groups on Facebook too, those hunting the treatment and the veterans too, invaluable advice and cheers to someone currently going through it all.

Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Day 2 – The Test Results

  1. Hi Leatherhead man, I’m Walton on Thames girl and was surprised to come across someone who iives so close to me, I’m looking forward to reading about your experience (one I may end up following). Best of luck!

    Can I ask, how long did you have to wait for treatment to begin (from contacting them) and, what did they need from the doctor’s here (don’t know what your hospital is like but the Royal Surrey doesn’t even give me follow up appointments, feel like I’m adrift.)

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    1. Hey Walton Girl ;). Yeah very close indeed. I applied around 10 months ago, and was my fortunate to get an open booking! You should your EDSS score, a filled in questionnaire and your last two MRI reports, all of which your MS Nurse be able to email – bar the questionnaire. Just keep badgering them till you get what you need. That’s what I had to do. I know you he feeling, but good luck!!


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