Day 4 – Rallying the troops

Doctor Fedorenko stopped by my room first thing. Fresh out of the shower, that’s twice now he’s caught me in my undercrackers (he does knock!!! …I let him in), he does the right thing and suggests he can come back, but there’s little point. He tells me about my day ahead, a steroid drip around 11am and two further injections to stimulate my stem cells at 11pm and 3am. Not looking forward to being woken up for that.

So, I’ve had a lovely day. Jen came around 11am, we watched some Netflix and just enjoyed each others company. Towards the end of the day fellow patient – Kamil from Poland, who I’ve gotten to know here, came in for a chat and suggested that because that we didn’t have to stay in the hospital grounds, that the three of us should go for a meal out. Sadly Jen was feeling rather tired, went back to the hotel, so just the two us went to the local recommended. It appears that he’s to be my stem cell twin too. We both arrived on the same day, and scheduled to receive all treatment simultaneously. Interestingly, we both work in similar creative fields, both 36 and very similar minded. He’s a great lad, and going to help keep each other company. For someone who’s never been to an English speaking country, has incredible English.

Worried about getting around Moscow? …Don’t be!!

Getting around was rather a worry before we came out, foreign country, don’t know the roads, people or what level of wits you might have to keep about you. Another thing the hospital has thought about brilliantly, a hospital driver comes to us collect to and from the hospital, and they also provide the contact details for a couple of local trusted taxi drivers too. We’ve been using one guy called Andrew, and he has been truly amazing and has made a real difference to our stay! Arrives very quickly, super friendly, speaks brilliant English and very reasonably priced. Originally a bit nervous about leaving my wife Jen to make her own way around Moscow using random taxis, my mum came to Russia too. Of course to support us both, but also for a bit of safety in numbers. Unfortunately my mum took rather unwell during her stay, and sadly really needed to head back home. If things were different she may have been forced to stay, but because Andrew has made our travel situation so problem-free, my mum has been able to head home without worry. Anyone coming to Moscow, honestly doesn’t have to worry. Thanks Andrew!!


The other day I mentioned that Dr Fedorenko threw a little party, to celebrate a stem cell birthday. Also known as ‘Day Zero’, the first day of the rest of their lives, without MS and hopefully time to begin healing. I have included below the video I took of the ceremony that afternoon. I believe only our Dr.F does this, he doesn’t have to do it but knows how much this day actually means to us soon-to-be-free MS’ers. What I’ve really learnt in my short time here so far is that he truly cares – and I don’t say that lightly! The ceremony consists of a short speech talking about the treatment he gives, and his little gift of an Iris flower pin as a meaning of belief in the future. Followed by the pouring the fluid used in freezing the patients stem cells on the floor. It may be simple, but it was very humbling and proud to be there on another persons Day Zero event, another birth if you will. This day were stem cell twins Sandy and Berit, congratulations to you both and I wish you both good luck in your recoveries and many years of enjoying life MS free. xxx



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