Day 14 – All Chemo’d Up!

– Have you thought about the side-effects?
– They’re not good for you?
– But you’re not terminal?
– It’s not worth it!
….Won’t someone please think of the children!?!?!

So I’m sat here on my hospital bed, glass of Coke, I’ve had a bit of fish for my tea, feeling kinda nice really.

Wow, the stories I’ve heard from (doctor) people about receiving chemotherapy. I know most have my actual interests at heart, but regardless – I have to get rid of my MS! If they had to break open my knee caps to apply it, pull off my toenails – so be it. But it was just something I had to do!!

But it happened in my case to be as pleasant as being sat in your smoking jacket back in a Winchester Armchair, having your Single Malt topped up again for the second time. Okay swap the scenery for hospital bed, a drip and a three hour wait. But considering the drastic contrast, you hopefully get the idea.

My first dose of chemotherapy came on Thursday, I did wonder what could happen naturally – no smoke without fire, but no issues. Friday was fine, with a touch of added entertainment, the ‘questioning old gits’, those tangled wires – certainly nothing freaky. Saturday I got the hang of it. And today (Sunday), actually enjoyed it – simply knowing it was the last, finishing off the job – and as always they come with a sleep.

Doctor Fedorenko did talk about refining his chemotherapy over time, for it not to be overkill.

So for me – the complete layman, I’ve just received four days of a lot of chemotherapy fluid and I feel perfectly comfortable. No nausea, sweats, headaches or pain, as far as I felt – it may have well have been water. I have needed the loo an awful lot (fluids & saline drips), my hands are a bit dry, infrequent tingly feet, I get sleepy and occasionally have felt like the MS has tried to make itself more pronounced occasionally, but I’ve been perfectly comfortable. Testament to the genius of the Doctor, with his accompanying pills and excellent staff care.

There surely cannot be a blanket to cover all ‘chemotherapy’. Yes, without doubt it can’t all be easy and painless, I’m incredibly fortunate to have received such an invasive therapy and feel lively enough to write about it. Chemo means so many things to people, brings hope of ridding terminal illness, mine I hope brings relief.

Tomorrow, I imagine that I will have many blood tests and checks to see all has gone well, and appreciate it’s still early days for me. The other patient’s here are still smiling, so I’m still going to sleep well tonight.

Please watch my video from this mornings dose. I talk about my experience of it all. I hope I’ve alleviated people’s concerns about this major part of the HSCT.


One thought on “Day 14 – All Chemo’d Up!

  1. Rebecca

    I’m not one for videos but reading all your posts and relieved that the chemo has been better than expected. Also pleased that you seem to have such a nice little community there and that you can escape for some fresh air on occasion 🙂 sending good wishes your way!

    Liked by 1 person

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