Day 15 – Isolation Room and the New Cut.

I thought that there might be nothing too much to report on today, sat in bed enjoying a coffee. Watching BBC Morning News on the iPad, sunny day – I’m gonna look forward to this rest day.

Knock, knock! Nope Anastasia has told me to get packing – I’m moving straight on to the Isolation room! Scooping all my belongings in to my suitcase, much like I would have done for the journey here without Jen’s help.

Then unload. I was of the idea that restrictions were probably quite stringent. Not that I picturing being pushed into a room and then hosed down. But being careful with all sorts of items, what to bring? – what stays in the case?

Gadgets are good (cruel not to), so I cleaned them all down and wires well. I have enough clean clothes to last me the likely duration, I wasn’t looking forward to half my arse falling those side slit gowns. So I’m pleased about that.

Importantly, my food and condiments are good to bring too – making sure they’re cooked approvingly. Microwaved and not applied on top cold. 

So I’m in, all unpacked, all anti-bac’d and ready for a bit of a stay. I’m actually looking forward to the days of nothing to do, MS is incredibly tiring when others are spending your precious energy for you. 

So I’m going to make use of the gadgety toys that I brought, that I just wouldn’t get the time to do at home. 😉 This could even get – ummm, therapeutic!

Tomorrow is a big day. Let’s put those stem cells back and get them cracking!

My new digs.


3 thoughts on “Day 15 – Isolation Room and the New Cut.

  1. Hey! No hair, looking a little thuggish – but rocking it well.
    Awww thanks, good to know you’re following.
    Chemo done – successful
    Immune system – wiped
    …now for the rebooting!! xxx


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